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The Development Of Changzhou Jade Bearing Co.,Ltd
Sep 04, 2017

  With the domestic strict investigation of environmental protection,more and more steel mills and some small workshops need to close rectify and improve.

Due to these problems,material shortage and the cost of raw materials are increased.

In the market more and more products are out of stock.

At the beginning of investigation of environmental protection,CNJDB factory according to the goverment requirement to deal with the production residue,so CNJDB facory have normal production and business activties.

  We have a large number of stock : standard combined bearings for example:MR0021   MR0022  MR0023  MR0025  MR0027  MR0029 ; track roller bearings  for example:NNTR100240105,NNTR6516075,NNTR8216858;SL series cylidrical roller bearings ,OSBORN roller bearings.

  Changzhou Jade Bearing Co., will try its best to supply high quality products.

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