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Support Roller
Feb 25, 2016

Support with work roll, through work roll contact rolling pieces can reduced work roll diameter, and enhanced work roll stiffness of roll II heavy forged steel supports roll has new breakthrough second heavy mechanical group following last year October success development success Baosteel Group 2030 cold rolled pickling flat? 1100mm5%Cr5-2 quality forged steel supports roll Hou, this year September, and development out has currently abroad highest grade of high hardness wear quality large supports roll products 1550mm5%Cr5-1. At present, the product has entered the second finishing operations. It is reported that the support roller for Baosteel 2030 tandem cold rolling mill F3-F4 racks, roll diameter? 1550mm, net weight of more than 40 tons. The device uses two independent research and development of 5%Cr5-1-reinforced materials and smelting, forging, forging and heat treatment, quenching and tempering heat treatment, quenching heat treatment thermal differential table, such as a full-service technology and quality control. Rolls for the first time after tempering, surface hardness HS69-72 hardness uniformity of ± HS2, the hardened layer depth is greater than 100mm, flexible width and hardness degrees are the best value. 5%Cr5-1?1550mm development of high hardness wear resistant high quality forged steel backup roll is successful, and two large forged steel manufacturing technology to a new level, double and domestic quality rolls into the market and create the conditions for participating in international competition.

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