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Standard Combined Roller Bearings-CNJDB Brand
Mar 28, 2016

Changzhou Jade Bearing Co.,Ltd in Niutang Changzhou Jiangsu China

We are speciazlized in combined roller bearings,are originally used in fork trucks, a variety of vertical & horizontal linear motion applications and so on. 

Bearings are available from stock in standard, adjustable & Jumbo ranges. Each bearing has a corresponding steel section (channel) and is available with mounting plate for ease of assembly.

CNJDB is our own brand,most of Standard Combined Roller Bearings we have a large number of stocks:for example 4.054(MR0021) 4.055(MR0022) 4.056(MR0023) 4.058(MR0025) and so on.

Now we OEM for DANIELI、CR、LI-BE and so on.

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