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High Temperature Grease Are Used In CNJDB Combined Roller Bearings
Apr 15, 2016

High temperature grease is a general designation of high temperature lubricating oil, high temperature chain oil,high temperature lubricating grease.Also commonly known as high temperature oil, high temperature butter, high temperature snow oil.

High temperature lubricating oil with high performance additives for the synthesis of base oil, and the synthesis of ester type high temperature chain lubricant, which is formed by the modulation, does not contain the substance which can form solid residues. Lubrication often reaches 260 DEG C for the ambient temperature of the combined bearings, chain, slide and gear etc.

High temperature stability and excellent performance characteristics of extremely low evaporation losses under high temperature and low coking tendency of carbon deposition and maintain liquid film lubrication, low oil consumption, little smoke, does not produce harmful gases; excellent detergency: ashless lubricants, cleaning can eliminate the problems caused by the solid accumulation and reduce downtime time, help clean by the chain chain lubricant contamination of other poor; such is fluid lubricant clean, have excellent lubrication performance, can significantly reduce the energy consumption; to provide better protection of the equipment containing special lubricating additive combination, excellent anti-wear, anti rust and anti corrosion properties, can greatly prolong the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs; the ideal viscosity: high viscosity index, good adhesion under high temperature, good Lubrication.

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