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Combined Bearing Details And Applications-CNJDB Bearing
Apr 18, 2016

  Combined bearing or Combination bearing is used in applications such as forklifts and elevators. These are designed as per the technical requirements of the OEMs. They are also used where linear motion is required.

  CNJDB combined bearings incorporate such designs that give the best component to external load configuration. Radial and axial load rating is perfectly balanced. As a result of this, the linear motion is smooth with minial sliding friction. This in turn results in less wear of the channels and internal components and saves the power. Noise level is decreased along with the vibrations incurred.

  Combined Bearing Details:

      1. MOC: Alloy steel with hardness 60 HRC.

      2. Comes in Light series and Heavy series.

      3. Molycoat grease used for life long lubrication

      4. Comes with channels for loading.


  1. Fork Lifts

  2. Elevators

  3. Robot Tracks

  4. Linear Actuators

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