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Changzhou Jade Bearing Introduce Combined Bearings Structure
Mar 30, 2016

Combined roller bearings - Combined bearings structure

      1) Main Roller

      Main Roller is a composite roller among the main carrier, the main load bearing and shock loads in the vertical direction, with strong impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Since the main wheel to full complement cylindrical roller bearings can also be used alone as a one-way bearing.

      2) side of the wheel

        Side wheel is a composite roller which second carrier, the main bear horizontal loads, also has a strong impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Without inner side of the wheel for the full roller design, it consists of a mandrel in place of the inner ring and the shaft bearing the title then.

      3) shaft

       Spindle head is part of a composite roller and equipment connections, typically spindle head to head design chamfering, user-friendly installation, according to the product design needs can be directly connected to the shaft head welded to the device can also be welded with the spindle head then webs and equipment assembled round holes on the connecting plate.

      4) Cover

        The role of cover is mounted on a shaft inside the head side of the wheel, the wheel spindle head outside the main nut and the screw shaft in the plastic head part of the tail together.

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