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Blog Chain
Feb 25, 2016

Blog chain, also known as BLOG-LinkWheeler, usually use to develop keywords in SEO SE (search engines) in the rankings. Of course, supported by large external inbound links, we can use proper anchor text distribution inside the station for proper optimization.

BLOG-LinkWheeler links to forms: typically a medium-chain by the composed several BLOG, BLOG between channeling each other, as in the figure on the right shows the links for each BLOG in a small wheel.

So, as long as there is a BLOG successful attract SE spiders or spider to, well, other friends BLOG from that BLOG link or article to the patronage of the SE in the anchor text.

Eventually, Seoer want objective, but let SE last BLOG will lead his own goal--that is, they are optimized, can also be called the top station (in the station group may be called).

Similarly, there are Seoer are its extension, into another huge LinkWheeler. In other words, a small number of LinkWheeler into a SE more difficult to climb out of the circle. We can assume the Office of a scam, the ultimate goal remains to target station Museum. That is: all Seoer are optimized for consideration.

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