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The major products of Changzhou Jade Bearing Co., Ltd,like combined bearings
Aug 09, 2017

Changzhou Jade Bearing Co., is specialized in combined bearings,track roller bearings,

SL series full complement cylindrical roller bearings and so on.

Changzhou Jade Bearing Co.,Ltd is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, which is called as the hometown of Needle Roller Bearings in China. It was establised in 2003,have more than 14 years. 

At the beginning we rented a small workshop, equipped with few machines, employed a few of workers. And now, we have owned factory,about 200 precision machining centers, grinding machines ,CNC, milling machines in total. The annual output value is increased from 1~2 million to 40 million. It is always have to experience difficulties and setbacks as we grow. We are lucky,  our major products which are applied to several specific areas, have been fully approved and appraised by our customers. 

Now I will show our major products of Changzhou Jade Bearing Co.,Ltd. And which industries are they applied to

We mainly produce the following bearings:

(1 ) Combined Bearings-winkel standard 

combined bearings

This style bearings is our factroy the most important products. Our products are exported to Germany,Italy and so on.

We can produce all these combined bearings,common and non-standard.

This kind of special bearing is combined a radial bearing with an axial one. It is wildly used in the automation equipment, metallurgical and logistics industries. 

However, due to the complicated process and advanced technology, there are only few factories who are able to produce this Combined Bearing in China, and absolutely just us in Changzhou.

(2) SL Series Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings-SL18  SL19  SL04

SL series bearings

The SL18 Series and RSL Series without outer rings are used extensively for planetary gears.

The series of SL04 series are also known as pulley bearings, which is designed for port machinery and construction machinery. 

(3) Track Roller Bearings

Track roller bearings

Changzhou Jade produce roller bearing don't produce ball bearings, including NUTR, NNTR,  NUKR ,PWTR,and PWKR series.These products are applied relatively extensively. Just like Transmission equipment.

(4)  Special Bearings-Osborn Bearing and Nadella Bearing

Osborn Bearing

We have our technical team,all  of these bearings are gradually developed based on the unique needs of customers who in different industries.For example OSBORN Bearings for metallurgy, NADELLA Bearings for logistics, Grammer bearings for sets, etc.


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