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According To The Structural Design Combined Roller Bearing Is Divided Into Adjustable And Non-adjustable
Mar 31, 2016

  The combined roller bearings adjustable ways can be divided into gear wheel,hexagonaland nut adjustment.

  Gear wheel is adjusted to the inner side (ie, spindle) at both ends of the eccentric gear processed into shaped mandrel head and the shaft connecting portion is also designed as a gear-like, by adjusting the amount of eccentricity of gears to regulate the amount of protrusion side of the wheel to adjust the entire highly complex wheel, generally used for small-tonnage trucks, material hoist, production flow line, lifting system.

  Hexagonal eccentric adjustment and gear adjusted to the same principle, the rear gear hexagonal eccentric, adjusted by adjusting the hexagon to achieve the overall height of the composite wheel, compared to gear adjustment, adjust hexagonal composite roller generally used to load, very high stability of large equipment , container trucks, port machinery, metallurgical equipment, shield, and other precision equipment.

  Adjustment nut side of the wheel is mounted on the shaft head frame mounted inside the shaft, the shaft through the head two head set screw to adjust the pedestal (side scroller) amount to achieve the projected adjustment bearing overall height, compared to more than two way, the nut is adjusted to the latest design, do not open the bearing, adjust the simple and convenient, commonly used in 1-45T forklift mast, lifting systems, production lines and other equipment.

  Non-adjustable inner side of the wheel (spindle) is connected to a cylindrical shaft head, rotatable, adjustable compared, this structure is suitable for precision without adjusting the stable function of the device, and relatively low cost.

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