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Product Information
Natv 5 Yoke Type Track Roller Bearing Needle Roller Bearing
Feb 23, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: NATV 5

  • The Number of Rows: Double

  • Material: Bearing Steel

  • Load Direction: Radial Bearing

  • Needle Roller Bearing: Yoke Type Track Roller Bearing

  • Stud Type Track Roller Bearing Needle: Needle Roller Bearing Track Roller Bearing

  • HS Code: 8482400000

  • Rolling Body: Roller Bearings

  • Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)

  • Stud Type Track Roller Bearing: Cam Follower Track Roller Bearing Needle Roller

  • Origin: Chagnzhou Jiangsu

Product Description
 Outside Diameter Bearing Designation and mass approx Borndary Dimensions Basic Load Rating Limiting Speed
 Without seal Mass Sealed MassdDBCd1 Cr Dynamic Cor Static
 Cw Cow
16NATR 514NATR 5 PP14516121112305030002050240022000
NATV 515NATV 5 PP1551612111245006300368043008500
19NATR 620NATR 6 PP20619121114360036502450285020000
NATV 621NATV 6 PP2161912111457008700460067507000
24NATR 841NATR 8 PP4182415141945005400390045005000
NATV 842NATV 8 PP42824151419860012000670098005500
30NATR 1064NATR 10 PP641030151423610078004500690011000
NATV 1065NATV 10 PP65103015142310900170007600118004500
32NATR 1271NATR 12 PP71123215142566009800466070009000
NATV 1272NATV 12 PP72123215142511800190007800130003900
35NATR 15103NATR 15 PP103153519182710500175007800115007000
NATV 15105NATV 15 PP1051535191827160003250010200205003400
40NATR 17144NATR 17 PP144174021203211800194009500135006000
NATV 17152NATV 17 PP152174021203219600370001200230002900
47NATR 20246NATR 20 PP2462047252437175002980013500225004900
NATV 20254NATV 20 PP2542047252437258005700019000395002600
52NATR 25275NATR 25 PP2752552252442195003650013400235003600
NATV 25285NATV 25 PP2852552252442290006960019800409002100
62NATR 30470NATR 30 PP4703062292851310005750020900355002600
NATV 30481NATV 30 PP48130622928514550010400027800609001700
72NATR 35635NATR 35 PP6353572292858345006750022500410002000
NATV 35647NATV 35 PP64735722928585080010950030900708001400
80NATR 40805NATR 40 PP8054080323066470009150030900565001700
NATV 40890NATV 40 PP89040803230666400013900039800878001300
85NATR 45910NATR 45 PP9104585323072491009800030600569001500
90NATR 50960NATR 50 PP9605090323076505001060030600575001300
NATV 50990NATV 50 PP99050903230766950018700038700909001000

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