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Product Information
Bearing type
Feb 25, 2016

1, with the two inner rings, two inner rings joined together by the clamping ring, inseparable, outer ring has a flange which can accommodate axial loads in both directions, used as a locating bearing. Due to the large distance between the two rows of rollers can also withstand the overturning moment. There are two Groove surfaces in the outer ring, axially located. The type of bearings with contact seals on both sides, containing lithium grease, operating temperature is limited to ~+80 ℃-40 ℃. Under certain conditions, the bearing without maintenance, but when running moisture or contamination, and often speed or high speed run, you must add lubricant. In the occasion of oil lubrication, be removed seals and cleaning the grease in the bearing, when oil lubrication is used to improve 30%.

2, for non-sealed bearing, outer ring is split as a whole and lock plates held together by the connection, so the outer ring cannot be subjected to axial load, after the split of the outer ring is exactly the same, with a rib, can be axially located in both directions. Inner ring with three ribs. With oil Groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring, this series of bearings are oil lubricated.

3, for non-sealed bearing, outer ring has no flanges, with oil Groove and three lubrication holes. Inner ring with three ribs. Outer Central is equipped with a fixed loop in between the two rows of rollers, can prevent the roller fall out, retaining the bearing together. This series of bearings to allow shaft and bearings have a certain amount of axial displacement within the bearing. Because it can be used as floating bearing

4, outer ring ribs and a lock ring is without flanges, unidirectional locating to the shaft, the axial internal clearance of the bearing "s" ensures the axial displacement of the shaft relative to the housing.

5, for heavy load and low speed applications, with locking roller set, even removing the inner ring and roller will not scatter, so this type of easy installation and removal, can bear axial loads, unidirectional locating.

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