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Product Information
Bearing Material Introduction-20CrMnTi
Aug 11, 2017

   20CrMnTi is carburized steel, carburizing steel is usually carbon content of 0.17% -0.24% of low carbon steel. All the most competitive combined bearings outer ring we use this kind of materials.

Of course,customers sometime need other materials.

    In the carburized steel, Cr Mn Ti steel has high hardenability and high strength and toughness in the case of hardening, especially with high impact toughness at low temperature. 

    For the manufacture of cross-section <30mm to withstand high-speed, medium or heavy load, impact and friction of the important parts. And high quality combined bearings always need to bear heavy load.

    20CrMnTi surface carburizing hardening treatment steel. Good processing, special processing deformation is small, anti-fatigue performance is quite good. Uses: for gears, special bearings, piston parts, etc. For cars, aircraft, a variety of special parts parts.

combined bearing outer ring

   Chemical composition of 20CrMnTi:




    S:Allowable residue≤0.035

    P:Allowable residue≤0.035


    Ni:Allowable residue≤0.030

    Cu:Allowable residue≤0.030

     Ti: 0.04 ~ 0.10

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